Regular Membership in GEER is open to all qualified individuals from all agencies, associations, private companies, consulting firms, professional institutions, professional societies, universities, and other academic organizations that accept the obligations of the purposes and principles of GEER as defined in its Charter, and stated at the bottom of this page.

To become a Regular Member of the GEER Association, please provide the following information:

Please provide updated contact information to the GEER Recorder when changing organizations or place of employment.

GEER CHARTER: CHAPTER I — Purposes and Principles of GEER

Article 1 — Purposes

The Purposes of GEER are:

  1. Document geotechnical and related effects of important earthquakes to advance research and practice.
  2. Advance the capabilities of individuals performing post-earthquake reconnaissance.
  3. Employ innovative technologies for post-earthquake reconnaissance.
  4. Facilitate access to equipment required for sensing and data collection.
  5. Train individuals to perform effective post-earthquake reconnaissance.
  6. Disseminate timely and accurate post-earthquake web-based reports and data.
  7. Develop a coordinated response for geo-engineers and earth scientists, who have previously self-assembled, to form effective post-earthquake reconnaissance teams.
  8. Promote the standardization of measurement and reporting in reconnaissance efforts.

Article 2 — Principles

The GEER Association and its Members, in pursuit of the Purposes stated in Article 1, shall act in accordance with the following Principles:

  1. All Members, in order to ensure the rights and benefits resulting from their membership or participation, shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the present Charter.
  2. Members agree to adopt GEER recommendations and participate in GEER activities to the extent that these are in accord with member organization’s missions, needs, policies, and resources.
  3. Members shall be committed to increase seismic safety through the collection, documentation, analysis, and dissemination of post-earthquake geotechnical measurements and information.
  4. Members who serve on post-earthquake reconnaissance efforts that are funded in part by GEER agree to make collected data available conveniently and rapidly to the geotechnical engineering research and practicing professional community.

[See GEER Charter and Bylaws for additional information]

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