NSF GeoRecon Working Group Activity


NSF-Sponsored Post-Earthquake Geotechnical Reconnaissance Efforts



01/07/04 GeoRecon WG Dinner Meeting:  6 pm – 10 pm


UC Berkeley Faculty Club “E Room”


Meeting Agenda


  1. Introductions and Dinner


  1. Review of Primary Objectives of the GeoRecon Activity


    1. Research Needs and Objectives
    2. Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts
    3. Proposed Research Activity
    4. NSF Review Comments


  1. Some Opportunities and Challenges


    1. Use of Satellite Data from 2003 Tokachi-Oki Japan EQ - Ellen
    2. Responses to Recent Earthquakes – Nick
    3. USGS Circular 1242 “The Plan to Coordinate Post-Earthquake Investigations” - Les
    4. National Center for Airborne Laser mapping (NCALM): UF & UCB – Jon
    5. Other Issues


  1. Feedback on Proposal (attached)


    1. Objectives and Activity
    2. Anticipated Research Accomplishments
    3. Composition of GeoRecon Working Group and Advisory Panel
    4. Coordination with EERI-LFE, USGS, and Other U.S. and International Post-EQ Reconnaissance Organizations.
    5. Coordination with Other Activities, such as NEES, PEER, USUCGER.
    6. Dissemination of GeoRecon WG Activities and Accomplishments
    7. Archiving Post-EQ Reconnaissance Data (e.g. EERI Workshop Report Aug 2003)


  1. Preliminary Post-EQ Response Plan


    1. Threshold for Response
    2. Decision Process and Coordination
    3. Application for NSF SGER Funds
    4. Execution


  1. Equipment Required


  1. Other Issues


  1. Schedule


    1. Next GeoRecon WG Meeting
    2. Next GeoRecon Advisory Panel Meeting
    3. Future Activities