Hurricane Sandy, Oct 28 2012 NASA

The GEER Advisory Panel is comprised of volunteers drawn from the GEER membership to represent the diverse interests of the GEER Association’s reconnaissance mission and provide guidance to the GEER Steering Committee.

Advisory Panel

no img alt Jeffrey L. Bachhuber  CEG PG&E (engineering geologist)
Laurie Baise Laurie Baise PhD Tufts university
Christine Beyzaei Christine Z. Beyzaei PE University of California, Berkeley
Scott Brandenberg Scott Brandenberg   University of California, Los Angeles
no img alt Jonathan Bray PE University of California at Berkeley
Amy Cerato Amy Cerato PhD, PE University of Oklahoma
Brady Cox Brady Cox PhD University of Arkansas
Jennifer Donahue Jennifer Donahue   GeoSyntec Consultants
Patricia Gallagher Patricia Gallagher PhD, PE Drexel University
no img Christine Goulet PhD Univeristy of Soutern California
Alex Grant Alex Grant PhD USGS
no img Russell Green   Virginia Tech
Tara Hutchinson Tara Hutchinson   University of California, San Diego
no img Kenneth Johnson PE, PhD, MS, CEG


no img alt Laurie Johnson   Laurie Johnson Consulting | Research
no img Robert Kayen   U.S. Geological Survey
Patrick Lynett Patrick Lynett PhD University of Southern California
Brett Maurer Brett Maurer PhD University of Washington
Brina Montoya Brina Montoya PhD, PE North Carolina State University
no img Sissy Nikolaou   WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff
Scott Olson Scott Olsen   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Menzer Pehlivan Menzer Pehlivan   CH2M
no img alt Ellen Rathje   University of Texas at Austin
Thomas Rockwell Tom Rockwell PhD San Diego State university
Adrian Rodriguez Marek Adrian Rodriguez-Marek   Virginia Tech
no img Anne Rosinski CEG California Geological Survey (California Earthquake Clearinghouse & engineering geologist)
Marika Santagata Marika Santagata PhD Purdue university
Andreas Skarlatoudis Andreas Skarlatoudis PhD AECOM
no img alt Joseph Wartman PE University of Washington
no img Lee Wooten PE

GEI Consultants

Sang Ho Yun Sang-Ho Yun  PhD Nanyang Technological University, Earth Observatory of Singapore
Katerina Ziotopoulou Katerina Ziotopoulou PhD Virginia Tech